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Try these ideas for programs with your Seniors

Penguins /Blue Mountain Arts Animated Greetings
FREE Animated Electronic Greeting Cards

Your Seniors getting e-mail? Have them send a cute card back. They (and their loved ones) will love these adorable cards at Blue Mountain Cards. It's free, and even fun just to look at all the choices and animations

They can vote weekly for their favorite baby picture

Best dog pictures... Did your seniors have any of these dogs?

Cats, Cats, and more Cats!

KARAOKE! This is a must! Get your staff involved too... Lots of songs for old and young alike!

Here is an unlimited resource site to visit with biographies on just about every famous personality you can think of. Could be an Activity on it's own!
It's time for "Celebrity Search!!
Go to the bank and get a few of the new gold dollars, then go to this site

US Mint
and you have a wonderful current events program.

Quick State Trivia, State songs, Flags, and music links. Huge Content!

try this one,

This is good for getting the folks really thinkin... just remember what a noun, verb, adjective, etc. are. Try it yourself before you do it with your residents. I found it helpful to have definitions and samples of the various forms of speech. It was like going back to school!

Have a Senior that speaks or reads another language? This site is great for translating any words, or web pages. I used it recently for a lady in my facility that speaks Italian, we went to an Italian newspaper listing, and after she read it in Italian, I translated it to English, and she was right on the money!!! Sometimes those guys will fool ya!
Today in History